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EcoSport Titanium S Spied

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Some recent spy shots of the upcoming EcoSport in India, has revealed some distinctive enhancements over the outgoing model. Caught at a dealership in Kerala, an Ecosport was found with both a 6 speed manual transmission and a sunroof. We've known that Ford is trying to up the appeal of the Ecosport, and it looks like this new model will be much closer to rivaling that of Hyundai's Creta.

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It's also important to note that the Titanium S will see the return of the 1.0L turbocharged Ecoboost engine, that produces 125bhp. It's also set up with a stiffer suspension setup and better sharp steering feedback.
I wish they did more to make the interior look more like what will be offered in the 2019 Ford Focus. Couldn't be that hard to at least bring over some design cues rather than leaving us with an old design language.

As you guys can see there's a lot they could have brought over:

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