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Ecosport Recalled in Europe

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Ford has issued a recall for its EcoSport crossover in Europe. This recall covers all Indian made models that were exported between May 2 and June 10, 2017. Due to faulty welds in the lower control arms, the front wheel assembly can hit the wheel arch, resulting in a lock up and loss of steering control. This is the second recall to affect India based models. http://overdrive.in/news-cars-auto/india-made-ford-ecosport-suv-recalled-in-europe-because-of-faulty-welds/
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Sadly these issues are immune to other markets where there has been greater confidence in manufacturing processes, America being one of them.
Even outsourcing production to other companies can have its downfalls, we as consumers just have to be do extra due diligence when shopping.
There's always a risk when releasing a global platform. Ford should have made the appropriate changes to the EcoSport, when they decided to adopt it for the NA market. Now more then ever they are being forced to produce overseas thanks to the trade war.
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