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Ecosport gets new features

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Even though the upcoming model is seeing a slight price hike, its also coming with some additional features. The new model now gets speed sensing auto door lock, rear parking sensors and passenger seal belt reminder as standard across the trims. There is also a rear parking camera that be equipped on the Trend, Trend+ and Titanium trims. However it does look like some features which were previously available on the lower variants such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, are now limited to the top spec Titanium+ model.
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Also found out it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and you can do more than just ask it for directions. Not sure how accurate this was, but they were able to have full access to Alexa in the car and even some beef jerky at Amazon.com.

What are the odds they will bring over the EcoSport ST? Already it seems to be taking off well in other parts of the world, even reviews are suggesting its a great product. Hard to discount it especially due to the fact it comes with features like Ford Intelligent All Wheel Drive. ST has features i'm really after.
Which countries is the EcoSport ST limited to right now? Sometimes certain trims or models are only sold in a short list of countries and there's not much you can do about it. Just look at the Type R, that thing was missing from North America for the longest time before it was made available globally. You may be in for a long wait.
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