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ConsumerReports - 2018 Ford EcoSport Preview

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Here's a video from Consumer Reports that pretty much give us what we know, but they do give a bit more in terms of some safety features, a pinch to zoom function for the infotainment, mileage potential of the 1L

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The pinch to zoom function is the infotainment system highlight for me. It's closer to my android's operating system and more familiar to me, but this is assuming that there's no lag time between the pinch and the actual zooming.
If it's as seamless as our phones, I will be tremendously pleased. It would make using the navigation so much more efficient.
Blind spot warning is optional and you can see it on the side mirror, think that little icon lights up when there's a car beside you and you signal?
From what I seen with other vehicles and their blind spot warning systems, even if you don't have your signal on and your trotting along in your lane, whenever there's anything in your blind spot, it'll light up and stay lit until it's gone. Doesn't wait for you to put the signal on and just lets you know at all times.
I don't know about you guys but with a vehicle like this the last thing i'll want is for one more thing to go wrong especially when it depends on sensors to operate.

Looks like the EcoSport has good visibility, although the C-Pilar area might be an issue, still better than most new vehicles.
I've seen worse C-pillars, especially on the new Toyota C-HR. What we have on the Ecosport is thin in comparison and most of the time you don't look that far back to have it become a problem.
C-Pillar area doesn't look too bad to me, but then again you really need to get in there to see what you're comfortable with. But I agree with you on the sensor thing. Sensor issues are often a pain and could be linked to other systems and cause those to go wonky. I understand we have warranty but I still rather spend more time on road then in a waiting room or in a rental
The best example of what more car makers should take after is the Chevy Bolt, even someone who is 6'4 can fit back their easily without issue. Try that on other compacts in the segment and you'll be lucky to fit someone that just 6 feet. Down the road car makers might have to look into making slimmer seats to compensate.
The slimmer seats would definitely help a lot, but they would have to really think about how to keep them comfortable at the same time. Especially with how nit-picky are with seats. Maybe start utilizing gel instead?
Gel would do it but at the same time that is quite dense and heavy so i'm not sure what it will amount to once formed as an entire seat.
What could work instead is a partial gel seat, just the important areas for maximum comfort.
That would be perfect. Putting gel in areas where pressure is naturally applied when you sit in a seat. They could also look towards EVs on how they implement lightweight seats but at the same time, I've heard a few of them aren't really that comfortable and have much firmer seats.
I don't think the weight of seats will be too much of a concern and there are other areas where they can reduce weight if needed. Maybe lighter body panels and more aluminum. Don't think I've seen a manufacturer add a gel pad to car seats from factory.
For sure. Fords thing is all about aluminum now so I'm sure it's been implemented already and plans for more use of it will come as well. But using aluminum will make it more expensive as well. There are obviously tons of variables to consider if it would be wise to use but nonetheless, great idea.
I doubt we'll see any changes until the Ecosport gets a huge redesign in the future since Ford will need to rework the body to add more aluminum panels.
Yup. Reworking the body (to that extent) isn't something that just gets done as a new year update. It'll have to be done through a redesign as a lot at the factory will have to be changed.
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