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Buying my first new vehicle

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Excited to be on the hunt for my first new vehicle. In the past i've owned 90's and 00's Civic's and Focus'. Had some wheel time behind the new Fiesta and while that was fun, it just isn't as utilitarian or big as I need my next vehicle to be. So far the EcoSport is turning out to be what I need.
Here to learn more about it and share information I find.
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Welcome, I'm here for the same reasons as well. I presume you'll be looking forward to the 2.0L that comes with the AWD standard ? Or is supposed to. Opposed to the 3 cylinder
2.0T for sure since Ford already has it running in a couple Ford models and so far i'm content with how that has been running. For me it helps to have historical information to go off of before purchasing.

how about you?
I'm going for the 2.0L as well. I don't think it's a 2.0T though?

The 3 cylinder I feel is just going to be severely under powered. I'm not looking for a power house, but I'm not looking for something that'll potentially struggle either.
I don't think the 2.0L is a turbo as only the 1.0-liter is listed with turbo. It's a naturally aspirated I-4.
Would be sweet to turbo it though ;) Gonna start using more fuel though unfortunately but... it may be worth it ?
Well that depends on how its tuned and where power is being made. If you really want power and overall better performance, is it really worth spending say 15% more than you normally would on gas?

I think its a fair trade off. But my motivations are different, I would keep it stock and just get a second car that was originally built for fun.
That's the best idea I did... Ecosport for the daily commutes and getting things done, race car in the garage for Friday and Saturday nights ;)

Just kidding, race cars cost a lot of money. Money I don't have.
The Ecosport 2.0 doesn't come with a turbo. The 1.0 liter with Turbo on the Fiesta was pretty peppy. We had two of those. I don't know how the 1.0 liter does in the Ecosport.
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