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Buying incentives offered in Phillipines

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It looks like Ford is offering some significant incentives to get into one of their new models, although its limited to the Philippines at the moment. The highlight of their new promo is a free two year worry free service for anyone who buys any variant of the Ford Ecosport. Ford should really consider a similar promotion for North American customers, as competition in the crossover segment is increasingly tough.
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Glad to see that Ford is working to further establish themselves in Asian countries like that, already Honda has dominated with the HR-V which at least paved the way for Ford in this case.
I know that the Ecosport is very popular in foreign countries like the Philippines and India, so it makes sense that they are offering incentives where sales are highest. It does look like Ford has implemented a host of improvements on the 2018MY, and hopefully that leads to more interest in NA.
There is a downside to it which is more of the same in more markets and less of market specific changes.
In the end it means bland products. Already the EcoSport is bland enough to me.
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