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Burning smell

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Just bought a 2018 ecosport.. has a burning smell every once in a while after a drive a little while??
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Brand new cars from factory often have a bunch of factory coatings that need to burn off. I'd wait for a 100 miles or so to see if the smell is still present.
It seems like new cars often have that acrid smell from time to time. So much plastic, so much wiring... I used to worry when I smelled that, but now I just wait and see and usually no problems develop.
I would expect that smell to wear off after a couple of weeks of ownership. So long as you aren't seeing any significant amount of smoke its nothing to worry about.
Anyone getting that plastic smell from the interior materials along with others should let their car air out over night.
While it might smell nice, the effect is similar but not nearly as harmful as what painters are exposed to.
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