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blew another tire... Lets share some ideas...

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ok, this is getting old... I caught something on the shoulder of a road this morning and blew another tire... Lets discuss everyone's spare tire options...

Ford shows a spare tire carrier (ford part # GN1Z-7447076-D) but it will cover up the license plate in the US and the backup camera. So my thought was get that bracket, and find a hard shell cover for it, I can mount the license plate on the cover, but will still lose the backup camera. Honestly, I can live without it...

I need all the space in the back due too hauling newspapers at night so sticking a spare in the back is not an option, unless it will fit under the false floor.. other thought I had was putting on the roof, but I would think that would effect the aerodynamics and kill the my fuel mileage..

So what have you done as a solution?
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So here is what I have done... Dummy wheel from a Fiesta, a 2 ton floor jack & a 4 way wrench... The black case on the right is a Harbor Freight tool kit...

Dummy wheel - $25 at local junk yard
Floor Jack ------ $40 2 ton Compact Trolley Jack
4 Way Wrench $15 14 In. Stowable Four-Way Lug Wrench

Total investment $80 plus tax


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How about a wire extension for the back up cam so that can mount the on your spare tire after putting on the rear spare tire mount. I do AutoCAD and 3D printing. If you can come up with a design and measurements I can draw it up in AutoCAD and 3D print it for you or you can use a 3D printing service. Also, maybe we can sell it as well. Maybe some that mounts with magnets or mounts into one of the holes in the rim. Use a rubber grommet where the cam wires come out of the back and a rubber grommet for the mouth and the cam mount should be able to be sealed up fairly good. Just an idea.
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