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Be aware insurance is fairly high on the 2018 EcoSport

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So my wife wanted a Titanium Escape, I got an insurance quote of $680 for 6 months full coverage based on the vin number of a Titanium Escape at my local dealer. We went to our dealer and my wife changed her mind and liked the Ecosport more. So we bought a Titanium 2.0l Ecosport, called the insurance company to get the insurance started and was given a quote of $840 for the same type of coverage and deductibles. I said "This EcoSport costs $8k less than the Escape but costs $180 more for insurance? " The confirmed that is correct. They said the repair costs will be higher due to lower parts availability, shipping costs and that it is a brand new vehicle to the USA market.
So FYI you might be surprised by insurance costs on an EcoSport.
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You would think that as a brand new vehicle that parts wouldn't be difficult to source. Thanks for the heads up though, as I find those insurance rates pretty surprising considering the Ecosports performance specs. Seems like providers look for any reason to increase rates.
I think it might be best to poll people who have gotten quotes to see what its like across the board. So many factors go into what we get as an insurance rate that it can vary a lot.
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I just got mine and the insurance is $75 cheaper per six months than my 2012 kia forte koup.I pay $698 every 6 months
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