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Auto Express Gives EcoSport 2 Out Of 5 Stars

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Ford is trying to appeal to younger buyers with a facelifted EcoSport, but is the subcompact SUV good enough to grow a large following similar to what the Fiesta and Focus enjoy in the UK?

Auto Express took one for a spin just to see how it compares and the publication only gave the 2018 Ecosport two stars out of five. Why such a low score, you may ask? Well that’s because they think the current diesel offering is just too sluggish and suggests buyers wait for the EcoBlue diesel variant, which is slated to arrive this summer.

Their Titanium trim model was equipped with a 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine, delivering 99bhp and 215Nm of torque. Sending that power to the front wheels is a 6-speed manual transmission, giving it a 0-62mph acceleration time of 14 seconds. That’s a good 3 seconds slower than the upcoming 1.5-litre EcoBlue four-cylinder diesel, an engine rated at 123bhp and 300Nm of torque.

Though the official fuel economy rating provided by Ford is 68.8mpg, the tested EcoSport’s real world mileage falls short at 50mpg because they had a bit of trouble keeping up with the flow of traffic on the freeway, thus burning more fuel.

Of course there’s a bright side to all of this and the EcoSport definitely delivers in steering, which is described to be “well weighted and pleasingly direct”. Then there’s the interior featuring soft-touch materials, a SYNC 3 touchscree, etc. If you go for the Titanium trim like Auto Express did, it’ll come with keyless start with Ford power start button, ambient lighting, power folding mirrors, 8" touchscreen and more.

How many stars will you give the EcoSport?
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Isn't 50mpg still very good for crossovers like the EcoSport? I'm more than happy to get those numbers int he real world and it may even be better than what Auto Express was able to achieve if you're light footed.
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I'd like to think 50mpg is pretty good for a crossover, though I wouldn't mind seeing a hybrid version for even better fuel economy. What may turn some buyers away is the wind noise above 60mph, which can get annoying on long trips over a stretch of highway.
All I care is that a hybrid version can get at least 75-100 miles all-electric range in the city, once they can do that then Ford and other car makers in this segment will see success.
Are you guys owners of the Ecosport? Because I am curious if you find the power offering to be as lacking as some reviewers are claiming. If Ford had opted to put in a larger engine, I don't think its estimated fuel economy would have been so far off of its real world numbers.
Help Required,

Tell me one thing. I have 2013 model Toyota corolla and my car is not giving me a good mileage on petrol. Why..... How can I increase my car fuel average?
We've got the 2 liter engine in all three of our family's 3 2018 Ecosports and all three owners are happy enough with the engines. We've got one very steep hill when driving from town to our house and the Ecosports make it up easily enough. Over the years the hill has almost bested the weaker engines in cars we've owned.

I'm reaching a point where I don't pay any attention to reviews/scores given to cars. We owned three Ford Fiestas. All three were dependable vehicles during the time we had them and Consumer Reports pretty much ranks them at the bottom of the barrel. They rank the Honda Fit near the top. We bought the Fiestas after getting rid of a piece of junk Honda Fit. The Fiestas were a much better vehicle in every way than the Fit was.

Given my real world experiences, I'll trust a Ford before most other brands. I hold Toyota in high regard as well... in fact I don't bother looking for anything but Toyotas and Fords in recent years.
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