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Audio Volume Stuck at 14

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Greetings all,

I have a 2020 Ecosport and my audio volume will not go past 14. Prompt and Phone volumes are unaffected, just audio volume will not go past 14. It doesn't matter if it is SiriusXM, AM/FM, or music through the USB connection. All AUDIO is limited to 14.

A factory reset of the radio solves the problem for a couple of weeks, but then I'm stuck with the same situation. I've upgraded software with the same outcome. I've reset the radio WITHOUT an upgrade but still get the same result.

I took the Ecosport into the dealership (still under warranty) and was told they updated the software. This fix worked for about a month and now the audio volume is again limited to 14. I was told that while the RADIO is covered under warranty, the SOFTWARE is NOT under warranty and there is nothing the dealership can do.

So now what? Where do I go from here? I can keep resetting the radio, but that removes my presets, settings and app connection.

Any ideas?
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Following. My 2020 Ford Ecosport is stuck on 10. Will not go up at all, but will go down. Doesn’t seem to affect phone calls, but can’t turn volume up with anything else.
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