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Audio Upgrades?

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How many of us here are big audio fans that can't leave anything alone lol? I know I can't be the only one...

With that shelf in the rear cargo area, I'm hoping we have enough room to be able to mount some shallow mount subwoofers and an amp rack underneath it. It just seems too perfect and it'll still allow all of the trunk space.

Anyone else looking into doing something like that?
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I can work with electrical to save me life unless the Ecosport comes with some kind of plug and play outlet in the cargo area. Other than that, the sound system may require some wire splicing which means bringing it to a garage and paying them to work on it.

Is the stock audio system really that bad?
Depends on how much you're willing to spend. I think a Bose bass in the trunk would be good enough for me and there's definitely space under the cargo cover, but the cover would vibrate unless you can figure out how to turn that speaker off when needed.
Or place weight on the cover itself ?

The stock system probably is okay for the average user but being an entry level vehicle, I can imagine the audio system will get skimped on to say the least?
Extra weight won't really help with vibration and it'll sound weird under the cover. Hard to say how much Ford will skimp on the audio system as the demographic they're targeting does contain a lot of audiophiles.
Shouldn't sound weird under the cover. It's like when people do under seat installations and what not. You'll be putting subwoofers under there, not speakers.
Is anyone looking into budget-conscious stereo upgrades? That's probably what I'll be looking into if the stock system really is that bad, may some coaxial speakers instead of component speakers.
Hmm kind of hard to determine what would be more budget friendly because it all comes down to what brand you'll be going with. There are a ton of coaxial setups that run more than a set of components
what about Infinity Kappa? Heard they were quality speakers for a relatively low price with good bass output. JL Audio and Focal Performance products are pretty good too but they aren't exactly cheap.
Infinity speakers are pretty good. I think some cars actually do come with Infinity as oem speakers. Hyundai and Chryslers if I remember correctly.
What kind of speakers does Ford usually come with? If the Ecosport has some nice Infinity speakers then there may not be a need to upgrade.
I seen that they have upgrade kits that utilize Kicker Audio. But I also see Sony audio systems being used in the C-Max. If it is indeed Sony, those will have to be changed
Sony speakers aren't amazing, but the quality is good and their products generally sound okay from what I've read. Or perhaps I'm just not that picky when it comes to sound.
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Never been a fan of Sony speakers. I'd rather something from Alpine and I don't like those either haha.
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If nothing else, Sony is reliable. MTX terminator speakers are an option too. They should be easy to install with 1" self tapping screws.
Installation should be simple once you ensure you have enough clearance and the speaker doesn't have too much depth to it. It'll vary depending on speaker models and sometimes you're required to use a spacer adapter in order to fit it. At that point utilizing something like dynamat to ensure a tight fitment is always a good idea.
Depending on what Beats car audio is like I might make a move on that. It just can't be as bad as their headphones.
Had a laptop with Beats speakers.. those were pretty trashy too to be honest. They just try to be over-powering with the bass and in turn the audio quality just suffers.
It's more of a lifestyle accessory than anything else, contrary for what people buy these for, thinking they're getting something great in audio quality. But that's not to say things won't get better because being under Apple, odds are they can afford to find a better supplier of speakers.
It's definitely always a possibility for it to get an upgrade and all of that. But the Beats system was solely just because Dr.Dre was endorsing them. Everyone wants to have what Dr.Dre "produced". I'm pretty sure when Dre is in the studio, he's not using Beats headphones lmao
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