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2019 SE Aftermarket Head Unit & Dash Kit?

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I'm new to this forum but happy owner of a 2019 EcoSport SE 2.0L 4cyl 4x4.
I unfortunately have a great distaste for the Radio Interface/Entire Head Unit! I have crawled to all ends of the internet in search of a possiblity of getting a dash install kit or relocation kit to accommodate a double din or something other than the oem radio. I've always been a huge SPL enthusiast and basshead so no matter what vehicle I got I instantly ripped out the radio and installed my own aftermarket. This being said I have quite the system setup but foiled by this head unit everything to the wiring and all it's software limitations. Any help or possible leads would be much appreciated but I'm afraid I'm going to have to start looking into custom fiberglass dash or 3d print a trim of my own and completely gut the factory components and engineer from scratch......
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Unfortunately I’m in the same boat...I own a 2020 ecosport and I can’t find anything for 2018-2020 (apparently all the same dash).
the only thing remotely close is an update to the sync 3 radio through a company called 4dTech but the price is HIGH.
sorry not sorry www.4dtech.com but that GUI looks out dated and quite frankly a downgrade.... HARD NO..... seriously stock interface looks light-years better....
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