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Hey all.. Just bought the Ecosport in FEB of 2018.. hard to believe its coming up on 1 year old!
Quick question below

Can someone help me out?

So I am in a bit of a pickle I bought some Tires thinking that they would fit.. I was wrong. I bought 185/65/R15 and the front hits the brake caliper (rear Fits fine) So now I am in desperate need of tires. We are just going to use the stock rims this year. But I am wondering can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

I found a set of 235/65/R17 online in my hometown, that are for sale. Will these fit on the rim I have now? (205/55/17) are the tire/Rim size now..

If someone can let me know that would be great...

Oh and my Ecosport is 2018 Titanium Pearl White edition! Beauty of a car.. Wife seems to like it so far
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Your desired tire is 1.2" wider and 3.1" taller. I would guess that you could get them on your rims, though I don't know if they'd fit in the wheel well without rubbing. I would recommend you go with a tire closer to what you've got on it now.
So would something like 215/55/R17 work?
So would something like 215/55/R17 work?

That should work. That size is .4" wider than your original and the sidewall is .3 inch taller.
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