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2018 Ford EcoSport has arrived on US West Coast

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Just checked the EcoSport Forum on Blue Oval News and a Dealership in Southern CA has posted some thumb print Photos of their first Red Metallic Paint EcoSport on their Showroom Floor. Looks super. For those on the East Coast, maybe late Jan or Feb. 60 days at Sea, ridiculous.:frown2:
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Not surprised that it's taking so long for the EcoSport to arrive at dealerships because the truck routes for delivery are never as direct as you'd expect. They're full of infuriating detours if you can figure out how to track your order.
February delivery date doesn't seem so bad considering how close we are to that time and these cars aren't usually delivery in small amounts either.
As these make their way to dealers I hope we won't have any surprises that come up during PDI because not always has Ford deliveries gone smooth. Seen for myself cars come off the trailer with damage. It does help that Ford doesn't cover these up too much compared to other car makers.
its great vehicle i love ford trucks i have been using for a long time as the best price towing queens ny.
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