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2018 EcoSport SES

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Bought my EcoSport new in May 2019.
Just turned 28K miles
I'm really enjoying this car - especially the comfort features (climate control, heated seats/steering),
the safety features, and the technology (hotspot modem, remote door locking, navigation, etc).
Have had only 1 issue with it - when first purchased, the display was missing the "turn radius lines"
that are supposed to appear when put into reverse gear. Turns out there was a TSB on this, and the
dealer simply had to reprogram the power steering control module. Other than that, no issues at all.
All scheduled maintenance to date has been free - thanks to the 42K Ford RewardPass pointed they
gifted me upon enrolling in FordPass.
My personal customizations have included wheel well trim, tow hitch, larger/higher center console armrest,
license plate frames, and stand-up bike mounting system (see photos).
One of the advantages of the taller rear profile of the EcoSport (versus competitors like Kona) is that a
bicycle can be placed "standing-up" in the rear of the car (with the front wheel removed, and the small-section rear seat
folded down), which preserves cargo space and the ability to have passengers in the rear seat.
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Very nice! Ingenious mounting for the bicycle also.

You mention a bigger/taller centre console. Is that a Ford accessory or an aftermarket piece?

Thnak you.
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The stock center console armrest in the EcoSport was too small and too low for me to comfortable use it as an armrest
while driving, so I purchased an aftermarket center console armrest. Similar to this one (except I bought mine on
Zulilly for $9):


This armrest is black [faux] leather and matches well with the interior. The width fits perfectly between the front seats,
and the length is perfect for supporting arm, yet doesn't interfere with access to cupholders, operation of hand
brake lever, etc. This also doesn't interfere with the hinged operation of the armrest for access into the console.

What I did was mount this armrest piece directly over the top of the stock armrest. I drilled holes and used screws
going from the underside of the stock armrest up through it, then fastening the screws into the bottom of the new
armrest. Mounting in this way added the perfect amount of height, such that the armrest now looks better and is
enjoyably functional.

If you have any other questions on this easy custom modification - let me know. There'a an "L" bracket that I removed
from the aftermarket armrest, and I lined up the rear of it with the rear of the stock armrest. It looks good and gives
the appearance of being the stock armrest (except it looks better).

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