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Should I Take the Plunge and Get One?

Hello everyone!

I am considering leasing a 2018 Titanium 4WD 2018 Ecosport. There are some really good lease incentives out currently. I am a little concerned because of the general mixed reviews on the car- I've seen both the good and the bad- and because I don't know anyone who has one so it hard for me to get a lot of feedback about the car. I live in Connecticut in a rural town and do a mix of back roads driving and some highway driving. I live in a town with a lot of hills and sometimes we can get some pretty good snowfall. I have not been able to find a lot of reviews on how it handles the snow and bad weather. I would love any feedback from others about their experience with this car and whether they would recommend it or if they had to do it all over again would you select the Ecosport. I am also torn between the Titanium and the SES. I really prefer the Titanium because I do not like cloth seats (especially with young kids) and I'm not such a fan of the orange accents but I don't know if the "sport tuned suspension" really makes a difference and makes the car a much nicer ride, or if it is a subtle detail that would not likely go noticed. Thanks so much everyone for your helo!

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We have three 2018 Ford Ecosports in the family. Two are SES and the other is an SE. I switched to Ford a while back after having some disappointment with foreign brand cars. We've since purchased 3 Fiestas, then 3 Ecosports, and an Escape. So far, all have been good cars. When I read the negative reviews, and the low marks that Ford seems to always earn from Consumer Reports, I'm left scratching my head. We've had too many good experiences, really good experiences with Fords that contradict the low ratings and poor reviews.

We've been especially pleased with climate control, and speed of defrosting in our arctic winters. The vehicles tend to hold up well and I expect I'll keep buying Fords.

We drive on snow and ice for about 6 months out of each year. All of our Ecosports are equipped with Blizzaks and the family members who drive them are pleased with their performance on our treacherous roads. We live in the hills, so that adds even more challenge for vehicles, but the Ecosports have had no difficulty getting up and down our driveway.

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Thanks for the response, Tall Timbers. It's hard because there just isnt a lot of press regarding the Ecosport. Most of the coverage has been negative- for me, I do wish that the engine were a little more powerful and that acceleration was better and quieter. Also, I wish the front passenger seat was not manual. The other issues do not bother me so much. There is a lot of criticism about the swing out tailgate, which is fine for my needs, and some think the car is ugly- well each to his own, and the other main criticism is that you are paying a lot for what you get relative to competing car offerings, which may be true, but there are such crazy financial incentives now that it caught my attention. I am glad that your cars have been handling well in the snow and ice but I dont know how much of that is the Ecosport and how much is the Blizzaks- hahah I think Blizzaks on a skateboard would work well! Because I am thinking of leasing, it doesnt pay to have Blizzaks although I would if I were buying the car outright. Anyway, thanks for your feedback!
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