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Access to the Fog Lamps

I have a 2018 Ford EcoSport SE Facelift 2.0L 4WD that I bought in the Summer of 2018. Last night as I was driving home, I was on a back road and decided to turn on my fog lamps for a little better visibility. It was really the first time I turned them on, and I noticed the right fog lamp (passenger side) was extremely dim and flickering. For the life of me, I have not been able to get at the bulb to either make sure the connector is on all the way or maybe even just replace the bulb.

I tried removing the front wheel liner, but the fog lamp is buried in behind of a couple components and I can't even finagle my hand into the space. With the wheel liner off I was able to remove the body Fog/Signal light bracket (bracket that clips-in around the fog/signal light assembly from the front of the vehicle), and I removed what bolts were accessible that were holding the lamp assembly in place, but to no success. I still could not access the fog lamp bulb to remove it or even see it to verify the connector properly connected. Then I thought I might be able to access it from above, so I tried removing the headlight to have access down to it. I removed the bolts on the top of the headlight and I was able to move it a little (an inch or two), but it seems to be attached from below somehow, halting my progress once again.

At this point, it seems as if I'd have to remove parts off the engine to work my way down to the fog lamp. To me though, that seems highly improbable and illogical since it's a light bulb. In theory, if a light goes out on a car it should be fairly simple to replace (logically and also as it has been with my previous vehicles). That being said, the low/high beams are very accessible from the engine bay with just the rubber caps, but those are vital lights for driving. Technically speaking, I guess the fog lamps could be considered "accessory lights" and they have just buried them (as they had to cram a lot of engine into a very small space). Also, since no one really uses them often they probably figured it'd be highly unlikely it would go out, and if necessary, the dealer knows how to replace them (for a pretty-penny of course). Plus, I don't have a second vehicle to drive. To negate the hassles and fees of taking it in to a dealer, I would like to just do it myself.

Has anyone found a shop manual/schematics book or managed to figure out how to go about this?

Thanks in advance!
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Update: Figured it out!

After spending a few hours looking around on the internet I found the Ford parts website (, which just so happens to have a little part diagram for each individual part. I found each part diagram for the parts that were preventing access to the Fog Lamps, and worked my way down to them. Once I got the problematic bulb out, it looked intact, so the bulb must have just been faulty since the connector/wiring was fine. Since I had already replaced the Low and High beams with LEDs, rather than replace it with a stock halogen bulb, I decided to put LED lights in both Fog Lamps as well. I now have all the forward driving lights changed over to LEDs. 😁
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Good job on managing to find your way in and replace your fog lamp bulbs.

Tall Timbers
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